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RhinoScript – Autocad Lisp file in Rhino


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  • 6. k57skye (Dec 19, 2014 12.45):

    Hi Johannes,

    I would love to learn it and I am sure it would be very useful, but I am sure it is not a one afternoon type learning!! If I have some spare time, it will be on my list, but for now I would be good to find an expert to help.

    One other question. I am using the Mac Beta version of Rhino. Do you know if that supports RhinoScript?

  • 5. Johannes (Dec 19, 2014 09.21):

    Hi John,
    we have mor then 11000 registered users. i am sure there is someone who can assist you in learning or writing a rhino script! Maybe you want to update your profile with an email-adress that they can get in contact with you.
    But still... it's not a waste of time leraning rhinoscript! i am sure it can assist you in more then just one task!

    There is a good tutorial:


  • 4. k57skye (Dec 18, 2014 23.19):

    Thanks Johannes. I am a bit screwed without my auto lisp file. It makes an hours work in about 1 minute. I definitely don't have the time to learn Rhino Script and rewrite it.

    Are there people who can write the script for me? What are the costs involved?


  • 3. Johannes (Dec 12, 2014 11.19):

    Did you read the first paragraph of our website?

    "This Page is dedicated to automating the 3D modeling program Rhinoceros ( via RhinoScript, Python and Grasshopper. ..."

    RhinoScript has ONLY to do with 3D modelling program Rhino!

    I don't know much about automating autocad with lisp. But I don't think that there is a converter from lisp to RhinoScript. Because you have different functions in both programs. But you are not wasting your time to take a look at RhinoScript and it is definitely a good idea to switch to Rhino. We did that in our company with around 40 workstations and we would do it again! Automating Rhino is a big advantage and quiet simple to learn. Just give it a try with your lisp-program.


  • 2. k57skye (Dec 11, 2014 23.13):

    Don't worry... Just researched a bit further and realised RhinoScript has noting to do with 3D modelling program Rhino! Sorry for wasting your time!

  • 1. k57skye (Dec 11, 2014 17.08):

    Sorry if this has been covered a lot but I am very new to the CAD world. Up to now I have been using Autocad because I have a LISP file that does a lot of the drawing work for me. I would like to change to Rhino, but unless I can somehow convert this file, I will be wasting a lot of time. It is fairly basic 2D drawing file.

    Can anyone advise or at least point me in the right direction to either convert the LISP file or write a new one for Rhino.



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