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RhinoScript – Error message does not mention script name


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  • 4. Johannes (Nov 26, 2014 21.02):

    Take a look at the wiki of mcneel:[...]
    Easy way to build plugins for rhino...


  • 3. MartinSwinkels (Nov 26, 2014 18.04):

    Thanks for your quick reply.
    I will fix the current problem as you advised and then look into switching to C# for future projects that are large enough to get too complicated for Rhinoscript.

  • 2. Johannes (Nov 26, 2014 16.08):

    Hi Martin,

    for debugging i can highly recommend visual studio with c#. perfect language and a perfect debugging mode. But most of the time a simple RhinoScript is doing the job much easier... I am not sure about Python error message but i think it will give you the same result...
    In this case i would suggest to write a comment in the commandline when a script starts...

    Rhino.PrintEx("Script 1 Start...")

    Then you know which one makes trouble in Line:79...


  • 1. MartinSwinkels (Nov 26, 2014 15.31):

    At startup I load a number of libraries.
    I do this by starting one script which in turn runs the libraries, using the -loadscript command for each library. (A library being a Rhinoscript RVB file).

    When I execute a procedure from one of the libraries (through a button in the toolbar) and some runtime error occurs, I get a rather silly error message, for example:

    Source: Rhinoscript
    Error: Type mismatch in parameter. String required
    Line: 79
    Char: 2

    This is horribly unspecific information. I don't know which script caused an error at line 79. Of course I can use all kind of tricks or workaround to eventually find out what script caused the error.
    But I really would like Rhino to tell me which script caused the problem.

    Is there any way to have Rhino report the correct script name, as it should do?

    And if there is not, what is the easiest way out of this language that lacks proper debugging? Should I switch to Rhinopython, or does it have the same trouble? Would it be better to switch to Visual Studio and write plugins?


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