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RhinoScript – Is there a way to scale a 2D shape to a desired area?


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  • 3. CecilioSilvestre (Nov 17, 2014 12.33):

    thank you Johannes!

  • 2. Johannes (Nov 17, 2014 10.54):


    The scale factor for a 2D shape is the square root of the quotient of disired area to base area.

    base area = a
    desired area = b
    scale factor = x

    x = Sqr(b / a)


  • 1. CecilioSilvestre (Nov 16, 2014 20.45):

    I'm working with program and I need to have certain square feet for each area I'm designing, I've already worked on making a design now I need to make each figure be the desired area.


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