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RhinoScript – Is a Fillet Edge script possible?


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  • 5. rhinolearner (Oct 21, 2014 20.16):

    Oh yes right.

  • 4. Johannes (Oct 21, 2014 16.21):

    You should have a contact information in your profile on if you want someone to get in contact with you...

  • 3. rhinolearner (Oct 21, 2014 15.05):

    Grasshopper seems rather complex and I'm looking for a fast solution.
    Do you think that making a script would require great skills?

    I would be ready to pay for such a script.
    Do you know someplace where I could find some good devs who might be interested in the job? (I posted on the Rhino forum once a while ago but got no answer)


  • 2. Johannes (Oct 21, 2014 11.38):


    i suggest to try it with grasshopper (

    - Select two surfaces
    - Select the edge
    - Get the "maximum possible fillet" along the edge (perp. frames)
    - Create fillet curves
    - Loft

    I am sure there is also a way to write a script.


  • 1. rhinolearner (Oct 21, 2014 05.40):

    Hi all,

    I'm having lots of issues with the fillet edge function.
    Would it be theoretically possible to develop a "maximum possible fillet" script, where with one click you could have the widest possible fillet without fail?



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