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RhinoScript – Import command takes too much


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  • 7. edemeer (Jul 28, 2014 13.00):

    Hi All,

    I have detected that if I write:

    Rhino.Command("_-Import " & "C:\asdfg_I_limpio.stl" & " _Enter")


    Call Rhino.Command("-_Open " & "C:\asdfg_I_limpio.stl"& " _Enter")

    in a rvb file with no more code then the file is imported or opened very fast, so it is not a problem in this part.

    I have found that the command is blocking my execution is:

    Rhino.UnifyMeshNormals arrmesh(0)

    so if I comment this line above the files are loaded almost intanstaneously.

    I am really sorry for the inconveniences and thank you very much for your help.



  • 6. edemeer (Jul 28, 2014 11.21):

    I am sorry, I was wrong. It is opened now.

    Thank you very much for your help.

  • 5. edemeer (Jul 28, 2014 11.20):

    If I write:

    Dim filepath    
            filepath = "C\asdfg_I_limpio.stl"
            Call Rhino.Command("-_Open " & filepath & " _Enter")

    I see this in the command line:

    Command: -_Open
    Name of the file to open ( UpdatePromptUpdateBlocks=Yes Browse ): C\asdfg_I_limpio.stl
    File C:\C\asdfg_I_limpio.stl not found, unable to open

  • 4. Johannes (Jul 28, 2014 10.23):


    yes that works for me.

            Dim filepath    : filepath = "d:\a.3dm"
            Call Rhino.Command("-_Open " & filepath & " _Enter")

    Where is the problem / what is it doing?


  • 3. edemeer (Jul 28, 2014 09.55):

    It does not work for me. Does this command work for you?

  • 2. Johannes (Jul 24, 2014 13.58):


    what about

    Rhino.Command("-_Open " & filepath & " _Enter")



  • 1. edemeer (Jul 24, 2014 12.54):


    When I use "Import" command from a script with some .stl files it takes too much, 5 or 6 minutes.

    This is the code line I use:

    Rhino.Command("-_Import " & filepath & " _Enter")

    For example, one .stl file of 1,7 MB takes more than 5 minutes and another of 1,4 MB takes 1 second. Both of them are binary .stl files.

    Any idea of what is happening here? Is there any other way to open a file with no user interaction (OpenFileName is not an option because it opens a window to select the file)?

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    Thank your in advance.




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