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RhinoScript – You may find this easy but


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  • 7. Hanno (Apr 16, 2014 22.13):

    Great to hear that it worked & thanks for sharing the video!


  • 6. Optimist (Apr 16, 2014 18.12):

    Thank you for the support - for it is close to my job I'm not permitted to post the script itself, but want to give back that it is finally working!

  • 5. Optimist (Mar 31, 2014 17.41):

    Some samples from various VBA pages sy you can do all ... otherwise .... OUUUCHHH!

  • 4. Hanno (Mar 31, 2014 17.31):

    As far as I remember, you can Redim Preserve only the last dimension.

  • 3. Optimist (Mar 31, 2014 17.22):

    Hello Hanno! THank you for this hint ... It helped very well!

    ( So I think I could use the preserve option after a first redim -done previously?!?)

  • 2. Hanno (Mar 31, 2014 15.53):

    Hi Hansjoerg,

    the type conflict in your option A) comes from the fact that you dimension the variable not as an array and then try to redimension it with the "Preserve" option. If you erase the "Preserve", it should work.

    Hope that helps!


  • 1. Optimist (Mar 29, 2014 16.18):

    Hello guys!

    Giving my little blade generator project a new attempt ( last is just 3 years ago) , I have big issues by the simple thing of definig a multidimensional Array.

    I tried to define the Array as follows

    Dim MeshSupportCoords

    ReDim Preserve MeshSupportCoords (0,0,2) '( Chordindex,Pointindex,Coordinates)

    Rhino tells here that there is a typeconflict on the variable ( I rather have no diverging types in the dimensions of the array ) all could be double if necessary.

    Dim MeshSupportCoords ( 0,0,0)

    ReDim Preserve MeshSupportCoords (0,0,2) '( Chordindex,Pointindex,Coordinates)

    Rhino tells that the array variable is locked and cannot be redimensionízed

    Dim MeshSupportCoords (,,) as Double

    ReDim Preserve MeshSupportCoords (0,0,2) '( Chordindex,Pointindex,Coordinates)

    Same result as B)

    Do you have any hint to me how to dimension this #!??!# variable!

    Thank you in advance !



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