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RhinoScript – How to assign a command alias to context menu via Rhino.Command?


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  • 1. takenokov (Feb 13, 2014 04.31):

    I am making a RhinoScrip tool to assign a command alias to the
    context menu for right-clicking of the mouse. But the Rhino.command
    method does not seem to work.
    For instance, let's suppose I have an alias defined as MY_COMMAND, and
    I like to install it in the context menu showing up as MY_MENU.

    Rhino.command "!-_options Context Object Add MY_MENU MY_COMMAND Save _Enter _Enter "

    The above runs without any error but does not add anything to the context menu at all.

    And if I try this by typing -Options in Rhino command line and follow the
    prompt there by typing (instead of Options dialog GUI), it goes through
    the same option sequence, but nothing gets added to right-click menu, either.
    Rhino behaves as if the Save function for Options command is not implemented.

    But if I try the same sequence manually in the GUI dialog by starting it
    from Tools>Options menu and modify Context Menu there, it works.

    Does anyone have an idea what is wrong?


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