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RhinoScript – propertyListBox values


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  • 1. ant (Jan 11, 2014 17.09):

    I'm trying to use the values from a propertyListBox and loop through them but Rhino just ignores them. If I use a normal variable Or number everything is OK but how can I use the numbers from my propertyListBox?

    [ rvb]
    Option Explicit
    Call Main()
    Sub Main()

    Dim colNumberOld
    Dim colNumberNew
    Dim colName

    Dim i,j
    Dim arrayPos2
    Dim VarAnyNumber : VarAnyNumber = 2

    colName = array(_

    colNumberOld = Array(1, 2, 3)
    colNumberNew = Rhino.PropertyListBox(colName, colNumberOld, "...")

    For i = 0 To 10
    If i < colNumberNew(2) Then '<--- If I put a VarAnyNumber or
    'type a number here the script works
    Rhino.Print i
    End If

    End Sub


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