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RhinoScript – Rhinoscript import help


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  • 3. mm1800 (Jan 11, 2014 22.02):

    Thankyou @cartoonmagic,

    I did not have ( ) in that line either.

  • 2. cartoonmagic (Jan 10, 2014 23.05):

    Hi Matt,

    All you need to do is to include _enter at the end of the line where it is needed, before you close it with the quotation mark.


  • 1. mm1800 (Jan 08, 2014 23.25):

    I modified the "BatchConvert" script from the McNeel site to import DXF files. When I run my version I have to press "enter" because the "Set DWG Option" line appears on the command line(ReadUnreferencedLayer=Yes, ReadUnreferencedBlocks=Yes, etc). How do I put that into the script?

    This is the part that I wish I could change:

    Sub ProcessFile(strOpen, strSave)
    Rhino.DocumentModified False
    Rhino.Command "_-Open " & Chr(34) & strOpen & Chr(34), 0
    Rhino.Command "_-Zoom _All _Extents", 0
    Rhino.Command "_-SetActiveView _Top", 0

    Thank you,



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