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RhinoScript – Feature Request, or is there one like this?


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  • 1. poppabear (Jan 03, 2014 12.19):

    The Cats Meow, would be a "Hook" that Rhino-scripting could get to, to read Window "Events", like when a user "Clicks" on a View or Layout tab, we could get a call back to our script. So we could have a call back in the Application Loop.
    When the user clicked on a View or Layout tab, that call back would run our script, that would in this case, automatically "restore" the layer state(s) for that view or lay-out.

    Is there currently a Plugin, or is there a Rhino Script (VB or Python) method/call to read events and hook to call backs from the event loop, that could run our script?



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