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RhinoScript – Need help on saving "Layer Visibility"


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  • 2. Johannes (Jan 02, 2014 11.26):

    Hello, maybe my newly added script will help you:


  • 1. poppabear (Dec 23, 2013 21.07):


    I am running into a wall (new to rhino script).

    I have several "Layout" views, what I want to do, is be in some Layout view,
    and turn on/off layers (by my mouse), then push a save layout for Layout button, to save those visibility choices (including the sub-layers). For each Layout view. I have to turn on and off visibility. I would like to be able to go through each Layout view, turn on/off the layers that I want to be visible for that layout view, push a button that would save those choices for the Layout views name. I would want to be able to do this for each Layout view. Then as I change layout views, I could hit another restore button, that would Get the Layer(s) visibility for that layout view. I would also like to be able to save the Layout states for each Layout view, so that when I reopen the document, I could also open that "State" document for that file.... I have some background in C++, but just NONE in VB or Rhino Script. I saw the help file, but, it did not list members on how to get the state of sub-layers, and to get if it is viable or not...

    Thanks in advance, if your able to help!


Why are these buttons gray?