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RhinoScript – Working on stl file


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  • 3. tosteri (Jan 29, 2009 08.55):

    In my recollection the 'meshfacevertices' command only gives you the countnumber of the vertice. For example face1 may have the vertex 1,2,4,5 and face2 the vertex 2,3,5,6. So they have matching vertex.

    The command 'meshvertices' gives you all of the vertices regardless of the faces. The 'meshfacevertices' numbers correspond to the arrayslots of the 'meshvertices' command

  • 2. Khoda (Jan 11, 2009 18.00):

    Yes I figure it out how to work with a .stl file. Now, I need to know another thing for mesh file. If anyone know anything about it then please response. In any mesh file, when I use vertex and face count function it consider each face and consider every vertex in that face. So the faces that have common vertex are counted several time. Is there any way to avoid this. I mean for the common vertex , it should count that vertex only once.

    Thank you.

  • 1. Khoda (Dec 26, 2008 03.37):

    Greetings. Is it possible to work on existing stl file. More specifically, can I perform some operation on the vertex of an stl file. If you have any example then please let me know.


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