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RhinoScript – Adjust seam in Loft


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  • 3. deriva (Nov 04, 2013 18.11):

    Thanks Sebastian, it worked great! I had also to 'Reverse.Curve' for one of them, even though the seam was aligned with your method, the directions were opposite: counterclockwise vs. clockwise.


  • 2. pulgarata (Nov 04, 2013 14.07):

    Hi Deriva,
    The dblParameter is different for each curve, and depends on its lenght. Also the starting points of each curve can be in different locations (north or south, for example), and the direction can be clockwise or counterclockwise.
    The important thing in your case is make match the start point of the two curves, so you can set a distant point and use the parameter of the closest point on each curve to set the new seam.

    Dim point:point=array(-1000,-1000,-1000)
            Rhino.CurveSeam curve,dblparam


  • 1. deriva (Nov 03, 2013 23.06):

    Hi everyone,

    I have troubles understanding the logic behind the Rhino.CurveSeam command.
    What would be the dblParameter to make all the curves consistent so that the Add.Loft command won't twist or flip like happens in the attached image.

    I have the curves in couples inside an array of two elements.

    Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks,


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