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RhinoScript – Spheres out of Points


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  • 3. squeps (Jul 31, 2013 20.25):

    Hi Johannes,

    I need it for rendering and eventually for a video to export to
    after effect.

    So as you said, I will first check the capability of my machine,
    then i will try to write the rhino-script.

    Do you know any similar base script which I could use as starting point?

    Thank you


  • 2. Johannes (Jul 31, 2013 07.55):

    Hi, first you should just add 10000 spheres and 20000 cylinders to your Rhino file (manually) and see if your computer is still running.

    There is an option to run in a loop structure to the points and their connections. You have to define the radius of sphere and cylinder. Then add spheres and cylinders. But i don't have a script at hand.
    Do you need it for 3D printing or rendering? Could be a nice script for the script library...


  • 1. squeps (Jul 30, 2013 22.37):

    I just started using Rhinoscript so apologize for being naive.

    I have imported a network from a csv file and it's
    composed by links and points. Now I need to:

    1) Create spheres, with different sizes, for each of the 10000 points of the network. So the point should become the x-y-z center of each sphere.

    2) Give solidity to the links, as at moment they are just a tons of empty invisible lines. I need to convert them to small cilinders.

    is there any rhino script to do this for all the elements?



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