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RhinoScript – Geometry Script for cone pattern


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  • 1. chrisa1318 (Jun 04, 2013 01.00):

    Hey there,
    We are designing a modular pavilion installation. The module is a traffic cone sliced in half, and these half-cones make up a pattern that aggregates to form the pavilion.
    We use the command “ARRAYCRV” along circles of varying radii from the top of the tower-pavilion to the bottom to apply the half-cone module along it.
    The problem we face is that when the circles get larger as the tower goes lower the modules begin to intersect each other. This problem is caused by the complex geometry of the half-cone, and we have solved it manually by using some simple geometry which allows each cone to touch but not intersect….we would be tearing our hair out of we had to do it without a script!
    Here is our process:
    -Rotate cone from previous row [either same as previous row or ½ of the previous row)
    -orient the new cones midpoint to the center point of all circles
    -draw lines perpendicular to the width of the new cone
    -PROJECT lines onto cone from previous row
    -at intersection of projected line and mid-line of cone from previous row, orient corner of cone
    -orient + copy new cone onto another cone from the previous row
    -create a circle 3pt from the inner corners of the 2 new cones
    -array 1 new cone along crv (ARRAYCRV) around new circle 2X as many as the # of cones in the previous row


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