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RhinoScript – Controlling mesh options


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  • 3. palosanto (May 27, 2013 16.49):

    Hi Johannes,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I'm very aware of how to invoke commands with the dash to avoid dialog boxes.
    The problem is to find the command. I don't want to create a mesh, I want to change the render mesh settings of a particular object.
    The command '-properties / object ' has all the options except 'render mesh settings' ...
    I was hoping to find this option but it's not there ... :(

    The -mesh command actually has more options: -mesh d a which is where I would like to get with the object properties command.
    Thanks anyway.

  • 2. Johannes (May 27, 2013 10.21):

    Hi, you can avoid the window with an "-" at the beginning of the command:

    -_Mesh PolygonDensity 60 _Enter

  • 1. palosanto (May 26, 2013 22.31):


    Does anybody know if it's possible to adjust the rhino 'render mesh settings' of an object through the command line instead of dialog box so that they could be controlled via script or toolbar macro?

    I couldn't find and actual command to do that.

    That would probably apply also to the 'detailed controls' in the 'mesh' command when converting a nurbs object to mesh?

    The dialog seems to be the same.


    Controlling mesh options

Why are these buttons gray?