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RhinoScript – move selected to specific layer?


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  • 4. Johannes (May 15, 2013 15.23):

    A button should do excactly the same. It doesent metter if an alias put the function into the command line or if a button does the job.
    Anyway... nice that it works :)

  • 3. sippo (May 15, 2013 14.06):


    That is exactly what i was looking for. the aliases did the trick, i was trying to make the function in a button, but rhino could not understand the functions thru that way. but the Alias worked perfectly

  • 2. Johannes (May 06, 2013 15.59):

    Hi, take a look for macros or aliases (see rhino options). You can make a your own alias called "old" in the options menu with the following command macro:
    -_properties _object _layer "old" _enter _enter


  • 1. sippo (May 01, 2013 14.36):

    hi. I have been snooping around the forum for a couple of days trying to learn how to make functions.. but i just cat seam to wrap my head around it.

    I use the command line a lot when i am working in rhino, and instead of deleting old stuff i just move it to a hidden layer called "Old"

    The function i have been trying to make is to simple select some object and then type "old" in the command line, and what ever i have selected should be moved to the "Old" layer.

    Is there anybody that can help me with making such a function?


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