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RhinoScript – Import object with user input dimensions


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  • 3. waynesmith3d (Apr 23, 2013 10.52):

    Hi Johannes , I want to import a another rhino file and then change it to the users input dimensions .

  • 2. Johannes (Apr 23, 2013 08.33):

    Hi, do you want to import an object from another cad file or do you want to create an object by user input? Sounds like you want to import a box and change the dimensions by user input while import... ?

  • 1. waynesmith3d (Apr 23, 2013 08.23):

    Hi all. I want to write a simple code to import an object, let's call it a square box, and have the user add dimensions( length, hight, breadth) and automatically place it in rhino.
    Any help would much appreciated please


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