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RhinoScript – reduce the curve


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  • 4. paperhino (Apr 29, 2013 01.53):

    It will reduce the same size symmetrically with respect to the midpoint of the curve.

  • 3. Hanno (Apr 27, 2013 13.44):


    there is a function TrimCurve, which shortens a curve to a defined interval. You just have to define the curve interval to your needs.
    I am not sure what you mean with "same size". Should the curves be of equal length? Or should they end on a common line in Y direction? Or...?


  • 2. paperhino (Apr 23, 2013 05.50):

    I am sorry. English is not familiar.

  • 1. paperhino (Apr 23, 2013 05.44):

    I want to reduce the length of the left and right of the curve.


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