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RhinoScript – Transform coordinate system


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  • 6. Bettina (May 02, 2013 10.19):

    Now I have solved my problems.

  • 5. Bettina (Apr 29, 2013 08.29):

    Yes I am still working on it.

    As input data I have the models before and after transformation with controllpoints of a NURBS or T-Spline Model. So I have the control polygon (control mesh) and the coordinates of the controlpoints.

    Now I have found a similar command to identify the quads, but only with meshes: "rhino.meshfacevertices(number of the face)(Number of the Points of the face corner)" and "rhino.meshvertices(Number of the points)(coordinates)". Do you know a similar command with NURBS control polygons?

  • 4. Hanno (Apr 27, 2013 13.55):

    Hi Bettina,

    are you still working on this one? I think you are absolutely right that the real problem is not the transformation but the identification of the quads. So the question is: What information do you have in your input data? Or do you have the chance to alter the input data to help identify the quads?
    Because I think writing an algorithm that takes an arbitray set of points (or lines) and identify quads will be quite an effort. It would be much easier if your input consisted of quads (i.e. closed polylines) right away. Anyway, just my 2 cents...


  • 3. Bettina (Apr 22, 2013 09.37):


    I have thought about the problem this weekend.
    And now I hope I can present it more clearly now. I think the most difficult part of the problem is to find an algorithm, which automatically put 4 points of the 4 corners of a quad. Then a loop calculate for every quad the transformation matrix.

    So when I look at the first picture of the previous post, then the algorithm would select 3 times the 4 points of the four quads.

    Do you understand my problem more clearly?

    Thanks in advance,


  • 2. Bettina (Apr 18, 2013 09.28):

    [attachment=0]Vor und nach der TransformatioonJPG[/attachment]

  • 1. Bettina (Apr 18, 2013 09.23):

    I am new with rhino script and I like to programm a command to transform the coordinate system. But what I like to get is the Transformation matrix not the new object in the system. So I bring both objects in Rhino geht all coordinates. Now I have some possibilities. First I take one point of Each object and creat a transformation matrix for one point (but there are more unknownns than equations). Second I take two points of each object and creat a transformation matrix for the edge (there is the same problem like the first possibility). Third one is to take for points of a quad (than I get a system of equation), like in the finite element analysis. My problem now is that I need a command which automatically choose the four corner point of a quad. If you take example of the figure. The command has to choose the control points 1,2,3,5; and than 3,4,7,8 and in the end 4,5,6,7.

    Can anyone help me with this problem?

    Thanks a lot in advance


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