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RhinoScript – 3d coordinate of point


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  • 2. Hanno (Mar 30, 2013 10.37):


    pay attention to the difference between a 3d point (i.e. coordinates) and a point object reference (i.e. an ID referencing a point object in the model).
    ObjectyByType gives you references. Use PointCoordinates to get the point coordinates.
    Another thing: arrObjects is an array of object references. You have to loop through the items drawing a circle for each individually.

    Hope that helps


  • 1. kadirsyk (Mar 29, 2013 22.29):

    ?m trying to draw a circle at an existing point's coordinate.

    Dim arrObjects

    arrObjects = Rhino.ObjectsByType(1, True)

    Rhino.AddCircle arrObjects, 10

    arrObjects is not an array how can ? convert to array?


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