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RhinoScript – script transcoding a .txt file to object


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  • 6. Hanno (Mar 28, 2013 15.22):

    ok, then back to my first question: Do you seek advice in coding it or do you seek a coder? As for me, I'm happy to answer questions that arise during coding, but I won't write the thing for you.


  • 5. atsou (Mar 28, 2013 14.22):

    hey hanno,thanks for answering
    the problem is that i have a very strict rule for the number of the "commands"they can only be 64.thats why i need the "move" command to be translated into a predefined this possible?
    this fixed distance is the distance from the last command i had to deal with and not the model origin.for example
    means paste ring,move 0.2m and paste ring again

  • 4. Hanno (Mar 28, 2013 13.22):

    Hi atsou,

    so in fact you need a script that can parse a text file into a set of predefined commands and executes them within Rhino. Now are you looking for hints on how to tackle such a task or are you "searching for a script" (i.e. someone who writes it)?

    Here is another suggestion: Instead of inventing a meta-macro language for Rhino and building your own parser, why not directly put Rhino Commands into the text files? Like so:

    Move 0,0,0 -10,-10,-10
    Copy 0,0,0 10,10,10

    If you have your ring at the model origin (or some other defined position) and selected, you can simply paste the text file into the Rhino command line.

    Hope that helps


  • 3. atsou (Mar 28, 2013 12.15):

    an image explaing a bit more...

  • 2. atsou (Mar 27, 2013 21.36):

    sorry for the next message,but i cant find the edit button...
    a correction:
    i'm searching for as script that gets as an input a .txt file with strings such as 'start' and sets the initial design point
    'move 0.1' and moves the point 0.1 metres towards one dimension
    'ring' and pastes a ring(already designed in rhino) there

    thanks in advance

  • 1. atsou (Mar 27, 2013 19.59):

    hello there,i'm searching for a script that uses a .txt file and translates the strings to an object or group.for example if it reads "polysurface" and its dimensions and gets this object


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