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RhinoScript – ArchCut


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  • 2. Opak (Mar 26, 2013 08.57):

    I tried to change some code I found in the internet, but I'm not really sure if this works.

    Call Main()
    Sub Main()
    Dim y, arrPt, i
    Const x = 0
    Const z = 0
    Const Num = 10
    'Number of Sections
    Const Spacing = 0.4
    Const NumOfSections = 50
    'Spacing between sections A R C H C U T S C R I P T I N G Copyright © 2007 Robert McNeel & Associates.30
    For i=0 To Num
    y = y + Spacing
    arrPt = Array(x,y,z)
    str = "_acCreateArray _Enter " & Rhino.Pt2Str(arrPt) & " _Enter"
    Rhino.Command str
    End Sub

    The problem is, I don't see any sections made after I run the script AND when I press on 2D Nest Layout, I have 549 Sections, but I only need 50.
    Could someone explain me how to do it?

    Thank you in advance,

  • 1. Opak (Mar 26, 2013 08.25):

    Hi everybody!

    I want to automate some steps with a RhinoScript. But I can't figure out how this works with ArchCut. What I need to do is 'Create Array' and '2D Nest Layout'. I couldn't find any solution or any piece of code related to this. How does this work? Is it possible to automate the spacing of CreateArray (it should be a parameter, shouldn't it?) in the code as well?

    Kind regards,


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