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RhinoScript – Import 3d point cloud and use for_SrfPtGrid


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  • 1. StoMMie (Feb 18, 2013 16.54):

    Dear technicians,

    I am a big newby in Scripting, but a whole new world is opening for me and my company:-)
    I have some experience with other scripts and program languages, so I hope that I will be a quick learner.

    I like to import text data from a file and translate it into a surface. We already do it with "tools-commands-read from file"!! Now we want to upgrade to scripting...
    My first steps are taken, but the first bump is how to get a 3d point into an array.
    I have used the code from the help files from "ReadDelimitedFile".
    This works, but it is written for CSV and that is a 2 dim array (if I am correct), how can I make this routine 3d? and convert it into a surface?

    Thanks in advance!!


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