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RhinoScript – Translation and Rotation


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  • 3. mmathey1 (Dec 04, 2008 15.56):

    Thanks Hanno,

    That answers my question perfectly. But do you know exactly what type of math this would involve? Is it beyond basic geometry and trig?


  • 2. Hanno (Dec 04, 2008 12.07):


    generally it is no problem to directly draw a rotated box, since addBox can take any points you like. However, the tricky part is how to calculate the coordinates of the rotated points - you will need a bit of maths for this.
    Your script will run faster drawing directly the rotated boxes, but apart from this the method you described is perfectly fine.

  • 1. mmathey1 (Dec 03, 2008 21.16):

    Hi all,

    I've a relative newcomer to the world of Rhinoscripting and I had question about a translation and rotation action I'm trying to perform. I'm trying to model a line of rotating slats. Currently I have my script set up draw each slat with in a loop then rotate it. In the next iteration of the loop the coordinate of the box are translated along the line and a new one is drawn from those coordinates and then rotated again then on and on. Is there away to get the next iteration of addbox cordinated to create the box at a rotated orientation? Or am I better off doing what I'm doing, creating the box then rotating. Thanks.


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