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RhinoScript – apply items to surface


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  • 3. Johannes (Feb 21, 2008 11.17):

    Hey Susanne. Could you find some help at the tutorial of Markus Schein? If you have some special problems just tell them... maybe we can help you.

  • 2. Hanno (Feb 18, 2008 16.23):

    There is a pretty good tutorial on RhinoScript by Markus Schein and Ben Kossmann:[...]

    Maybe that is a good start. If you have further questions just ask!

  • 1. Susanne (Feb 18, 2008 13.13):

    Hey guys! I am very new to scripting and would like to know if you have anything for me to get started with. I want to randomly apply items to a surface,or have some script that runs through arrays mixing them up. Hope you can help me!


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