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RhinoScript – split surface by curve


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  • 3. Hanno (Oct 16, 2012 20.59):

    Hi atac,

    in Rhinoscript there are the methods SplitBrep and TrimBrep which split/trim (poly)surfaces. However, they both take breps as cutters, so you would have to extrude your cut lines first.

    Hope that helps!


  • 2. atac (Oct 16, 2012 11.02):

    dear experts,

    i'm still looking for a comfortable way to solve my problem below. I added a picture to describe it a little bit more and hope someone has a good idea.

    I want to split/trim the surface by the two cut lines and and delete the rest.

    Thanks for any help!

    Best regards,

  • 1. atac (Sep 27, 2012 16.27):

    Hello everybody,

    did anyone know, how I can split a surface by a curve in rhinoScript?

    the splitsurface method only works with one parameter.

    but my curve is not parallel to u or v parameters of the surface.

    thanks for any help or ideas!


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