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RhinoScript – select pasted object


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  • 5. pool338 (Aug 16, 2012 11.27):

    Thanks Hanno,
    SelLast works...i just forgot to move the model, so it was pasted at same place as the original one and therefore not visible.
    Sorry for this.

  • 4. Hanno (Aug 16, 2012 11.10):

    SelLast should definitely select the objects created through the last Paste command (and LastCreatedObjects should give you the respective object IDs).

    But did I understand correctly: You are pasting a model and then want to multiply it within your model? Then you do not need to go via clipboard, as you can use Rhino.CopyObjects to copy things around within your model.


  • 3. pool338 (Aug 16, 2012 11.01):

    I already tried


    but none of them selects the last pasted object

  • 2. Hanno (Aug 16, 2012 10.52):


    usually pasted objects are automatically selected. Otherwise you can use the _SelLast command.

    Hope that helps!


  • 1. pool338 (Aug 16, 2012 10.47):

    Hello everyone,
    I have a Rhinoscript, in which a insert many files to different coordinates and then save the result back.
    Instead of insertin the same file again and again i would like to copy the first one and paste it to the place it should be.

    I am able to copy the inserted model to clipboard via


    and paste it back via


    But i don't know how to select the pasted model to move it to another place.

    Please help.

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