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RhinoScript – Simple Script required ASAP


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  • 1. ScanLAB Matt (Jun 27, 2012 18.36):

    Hi there everyone

    I'm a heavy rhino user specialising in the use of Pointclouds + digital fabrication. Unfortunately I am not a scripter (much as I'd love to be).

    We have an urgent task which would be sped up massively by a bit of scripting.
    Any takers?

    We need to be able to click snap to a point and to instantly insert the attached object where ‘xxxx’ = the z value of the point where we snaped to 4 digits (3 decimal places if we are in meters) inc + or -
    This object will insert with the centre of the cross at the point of the click (therefore the point of the z value measured)
    We will normally be snapping to points.

    Options to appear
    1: Text size + style box should open to be able to change these (but default being the last size used so we can just hit return)
    2: Cross size, the length of one arm of the cross (default being the last size used so we can just hit return)
    3: Option a question asking Above? Y = Add in the oval shape N = No oval shape
    4: If Y to 3 then oval size

    That’s it...simple hey?

    So the options in the attached example would have been
    Z= +0157mm
    1: Text size + style: gravure condensed-reg, text as per z value reading, height 35mm, curves
    2: cross size: 100
    3: Above?: answer Y
    4: Size 140 x 75

    I don't know how this normally works. I'd love to learn but am in a massive rush. I need this in the next 24 hoursm quicker if possible. Is it taboo to offer a little financial incentive to get this done?

    Any takers please post



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