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RhinoScript – InterpCurves-help for school project


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  • 3. SteveA (Nov 25, 2008 17.47):

    thanks hanno, that makes sense, but i have a follow up. i am using the curves to pipe a tower like structure. i have a tower of ellipses with several points on each ellipse and i want to step the curves up to the next ellipse all the way to the top and over one point for each step up so they also revolve around the structure. what is the best way to create an array for the points arranged in such a manner?

  • 2. Hanno (Nov 25, 2008 15.10):


    addInterpCurve works fine with any number of points. If you have your points in an array, you can call rhino.addInterpCurve(myPointArray) to get an interpolated curve through all your points.

    Hope that helps!


  • 1. SteveA (Nov 25, 2008 15.00):

    I am working on a school project in which i have to use the interpcurve to climb up a series of points. the problem is that they connect each point one at a time giving me a bunch of tiny curves, i need one long curve that connects all the points. Any ideas?


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