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RhinoScript – Basic layer tool commands


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  • 3. Chubbyranks (Apr 18, 2012 00.22):

    thank you johannes for your helpers and pointers, i will try and get my head round what i am trying to do.

    thanks very much

  • 2. Johannes (Apr 17, 2012 15.57):

    hi, you already found the "good easy web site" ;)

    1) Rhino.IsLayer (strLayer)
    2) Rhino.AddLayer ([strLayer [, lngColor [, blnVisible [, blnLocked [,strParent]]]]])
    3) no, just the name of the layer

    You can find all the functions with a small example in Rhino ... help ... Plug-ins ... RhinoScript.

    Here is an additional LAYER-LIBRARY:
    And here are basics about scripting in Rhino (very good tutorial):


  • 1. Chubbyranks (Apr 17, 2012 14.35):

    Dear Forum,

    I am really really new to all this scripting so the answer is probably staring me straight in the face. i want to write code for some basic layers and layering and need some pointers.

    I want my code to do a series of things and need to know the commands that i can use to do them (if the are possible of course)

    1) i want to check if a layer (of a particular name) already exist's, what would be the command (obviously if it does i want to go one way and if not then another)
    2) If a layer exists then i want to be able to create a sub layer and be able to turn off and on, is there a command for creating sub layers within scripting.
    3) do i need any particular syntax to access and work with sublayers due to its hierarchy within the layer manager

    it would be great if anyone could answer these questions or suggest good easy web sites that help with these enquiries


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