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RhinoScript – Line Normal to a Surface


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  • 3. metall (Apr 24, 2012 09.45):

    it is really easy to use script to fulfill the work of thousandsof times.
    As followed, i will show a simple example.

    Option Explicit

    Dim strSurface:strSurface=Rhino.GetObject("select the base surface",8)
    Dim strPoint:strPoint=Rhino.GetObject("select a point",1)
    Dim arrPoint:arrPoint=Rhino.pointcoordinates(strPoint)
    Dim arrDomain:arrDomain=Rhino.surfaceclosestPoint(strSurface,arrPoint)
    Dim VecNormal:VecNormal=Rhino.surfacenormal(strSurface,arrDomain)
    Dim arrPlane:arrPlane=Rhino.Planefromnormal(arrPoint,vecNormal)
    Dim circle:circle=Rhino.addCircle(arrPlane,25)
    Dim tarSurface:tarSurface=Rhino.addSweep1(Rhino.addLine(arrPoint,Rhino.pointadd(arrPoint,vecNormal)),circle)

  • 2. Johannes (Apr 16, 2012 19.08):

    If you need to draw this "thousands of times" it is a good investigation to spent some time for a script. you save time and it's more fun then looping through a process a thousand of times manually...

  • 1. maxtye (Apr 16, 2012 17.18):

    I need to draw a line, normal to a surface from a particular point.

    The line needs to be 300mm long, I then need to create a 50mm Dia pipe on the line.

    Is this too much for a simple script, as i need to do this thousands of times, I figure getting a script to work might be worth the time.

    Thanks in advance.


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