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RhinoScript – More than one data input in one dialog box


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  • 3. JackAubrey (Jan 13, 2012 11.21):

    Hi Hanno,

    thanks a lot for your answer. I was afraid it wasn't possible to do what I wanted with Rhinoscript. I'll have to find a less elegant way to deal with this issue. what you're proposing sounds good. I think I can also use a text file containing all my user input. For time beaing everything is in a .rvb file but since I want to create a plugin form my scripts using the Monkey
    since I already have a lot done with Rhinoscript I don't want to change for a other tool. But I think for my next project I'll take a look into that Python stuff. Sounds interesting...


  • 2. Hanno (Jan 12, 2012 19.02):

    Hi Julien,

    I'm afraid RhinoScript is fairly limited in terms of user input possibilities. Your option command could for example just ask for all the numbers in a row (and the user can hit ESC to skip one setting).
    If you want more, you could either implement your project as a Rhino .NET Plugin - here you can create your own dialogs and user controls. But it is a lot more complex than the RhinoScript approach.
    Or, if you are working with Rhino 5, try Python. Once you know the syntax, Python is as simple and straightforward as RinoScript, but you can use the complete RhinoCommon API which gives you the possibility to add "Rhino Style" command line options to your commands. I haven't looked into custom dialog possibilities yet.



  • 1. JackAubrey (Jan 09, 2012 15.40):

    Dear all,

    I'm working on a script intended to make export to a naval software (VeriSTAR Stability) It already use some input data tolerance value for line intersection or tolerance value for fitting curves. this I plan to create a plugin from this script I'd like to have an "Option" command in order to modify these values. Ideally it would be a dialog box but to my knowledge there is none in which you can input more than one value.

    Any idea on this issue would be welcomed.



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