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RhinoScript – rhino to ecotect analysis


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  • 2. RAL (Nov 19, 2008 10.10):

    Hi GHD
    Don't have a specific answer to your problem, but I do know that the
    Laboratory for Building Technology (Professur für Gebäudetechnik) at the ETHZ has been doing Ecotect to Revit scripting work with thier students.
    You should look here:
    and here: (paper by: Schlueter & Thesseling)
    Hope it helps.

  • 1. ghd (Nov 12, 2008 17.57):

    I'm hoping someone is feeling very generous today. I'm a grad student trying to do some building envelope analysis by creating a form in Rhino analyzing the form in Ecotect, then making a change to the Rhino model, going back to Ecotect, etc.

    Right now I've got a grasshopper file that generates the forms. What I need is some direction on getting the two softwares to talk. I'm relatively new to grasshopper, but the learning curve is pretty low. And I've done some scripting within Rhino only; never between softwares. If figure I can create some scripts within the grasshopper environment to make this happen, just not sure how to start.

    Any suggestions or example files (grasshopper or script files, either) to help show me how this is done would be greatly appreciated.


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