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RhinoScript – mouse double click script


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  • 2. Johannes (Jan 04, 2012 09.11):

    Hi, here is a code snippet...

            Dim strLayer    : strLayer = "TestLayer_24"
            If Rhino.IsLayer(strLayer) Then
                    Call Rhino.CurrentLayer(strLayer)
            End If


  • 1. BilB (Jan 04, 2012 04.24):


    I'm a basic (simple) scripter, but have a few scripts that I have been using since Rhino 1.1 which improve the user interface. Simple but essential things such as ! RotateCplane X90 ! to rotate the orientation of the current cplane around xy or z with a single click. Another one that is indispensible is a feature from Catia which creates a small plane centred on the current cplane with a single click. The planes are stored for me on "layer 24" which is normally off. Another script turns on "layer 24", pauses while I select one of the visible planes that represent construction sites, changes the current cplane to the new location then turns "layer 24" off. If I need to see them all while I think about it I simply turn on "layer 24" with one of the small (16 bit) icons that line the bottom of the screen which are numbered Default to 24.

    So here is the thing. I want to be able to double left click (or right click for that matter) any of my layer icons to make that layer become the current layer. Does any one have a script that will register a second click within, say, one second and trigger a "next" or "else" routine in my simple script. If such a programme snippet were possible then I can really integrate the use of my home made icons.

    Kind regards



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