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RhinoScript – Integer Evaluation


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  • 4. Hanno (Nov 21, 2011 19.13):

    I'd start with the VBScript section of the MSDN:

  • 3. seanrazz (Nov 21, 2011 15.14):

    Thank you for the tip. Do you have any VBscript links that you would reccommend?

  • 2. Hanno (Nov 21, 2011 09.13):


    you can use IsNumeric() to test if a variable is of a numeric type. There is no such thing as IsInteger, but you can test things like

    If IsNumeric(myVar) And myVar = CInt(myVar) Then

    RhinoScript is essentially Visual Basic Script. The RhinoScript help only covers Rhino-specific methods. For the rest you can use any VBScript ressource on the net.

    Hope that helps!


  • 1. seanrazz (Nov 20, 2011 20.43):

    How can I get rhino to evaluate whether a number is an integer.
    I guessed:
    If strCP Is int Then....

    this didn't work.
    Are there any good help sources for if-end statements? Rhinoscript help seems to be primarily command focused.


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