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RhinoScript – editpoint coordinate data


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  • 2. Hanno (Oct 29, 2008 23.27):


    you can create an Excel Object like this:

    Dim myExcel
    Set myExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

    I think documentation for the excel application object is somewhere in excel, but I'm using OpenOffice, so I don't know for sure...

    Concerning point export, there is no prefabricated method in RhinoScript. You can get edit points with methods like CurveEditPoints or SurfaceEditPoints and then write your own method to export them to a spreadsheet.

    I did some import/export a while ago (to calculate structures in a structural enginering program and use the results to optimize the model back in Rhino), but I used XML instead of excel. I am planning to upload that stuff sometime, but I don't know when I get around to to it...

  • 1. rhite_on (Oct 29, 2008 22.42):

    Hi. I am new to Rhino and I have only a little scripting, but it is in VB and VBA, so that helps. I was wondering if there is way to export (and subsequently manipulate)to excel of even a txt file, rhino edit points.



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