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RhinoScript – noob with question


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  • 3. rockurconscious (Sep 15, 2011 20.49):

    wow super speedy reply, thanks a bunch. i'll give it a go.

  • 2. Johannes (Sep 15, 2011 20.46):

    hi, try the following code... i am not sure if it works correct for your case and it requires a bit optimation....

            Dim allObjects  : allObjects = Rhino.GetObjects("pick all objects", 16)
            Dim i, res
            Dim seed        : seed = allObjects(0)
            Dim tcount
                    tcount = 0
                    For i = 0 To Ubound(allObjects)
                            If Rhino.IsPolysurface (allObjects(i)) Then
                                    res = Rhino.BooleanUnion(array(seed, allObjects(i)), True)
                                    If Not IsNull(res) Then
                                            seed = res(0)
                                            tcount = 1
                                    End If
                            End If
                    If tcount = 0 Then
                            Exit Do
                    End If

    just be careful with the do loop ;)


  • 1. rockurconscious (Sep 15, 2011 20.14):

    first off thanks ahead of time. i've researched a bunch of stuff already, but can't seem to get the syntax right for what i want to do.

    i have a bunch of closed pipes that i want boolean union with a cube that is near by, in order to get rhino to understand all the close pipes and the cube as one closed polysurface.

    If i select all the pipes and the box at once, and boolean union them, rhino fails. but if i individually select a single pipe, then the cube, and boolean union them, they become one close poly surface.

    what i want to know is the syntax for how to create an array for the multiple pipes that i have, and then boolean union then with the previous boolean union result...

    For example

    Pipe 1 + Cube ---> boolean union ---> Resultant polysurface 1
    Pipe 2 + Resultant poly surface 1 --> boolean union ---> Resultant polysurface 2
    Pipe 3 + Resultant poly surface 2 --> boolean union ---> Resultant polysurface 3
    Pipe 4 + Resultant poly surface 3 --> boolean union ---> Resultant polysurface 4


    again thanks ahead.


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