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RhinoScript – _Import with spaces in the filename


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  • 2. mravell (Oct 28, 2008 14.50):

    Please ignore cry for help.

    Worked it out.

    I needed to append some chr(34) characters before and after the string.

    Fairly obvious now I know how!

  • 1. mravell (Oct 28, 2008 14.37):

    I wish to have my script import several .3dm files.

    To do this I've been trying code like:

    Rhino.Command "_-Import " & oFile

    Where oFile contains the full path and filename of the file htat I wish to import. The path however has spaces in it (as you are allowed with Windows).

    My question is this, how do I get it to accept the filename with spaces? Currently it bombs at the first space.


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