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RhinoScript – Rhino.command Insert


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  • 3. pool338 (Jul 20, 2011 08.28):

    I agree that its better using Rhino Functions than Commands, but i thought Rhino.InsertBlock can only insert Blocks from Files and not complete Models ?!

  • 2. ledisnomad (Jul 19, 2011 20.20):

    hey, pool338.

    I think what you want is actually Rhino.InsertBlock(strName, arrPoint [, arrScale [, dblAngle [, arrNormal]]]). Whenever possible, I found it best to avoid using the Rhino.Command method.

    Hope that helps!

  • 1. pool338 (Jul 18, 2011 16.20):

    Hello to everybody,

    I need help using Rhino.Command("_Insert").

    I didnt find any examples, neither any descriptions on how to use this command in a Script.

    Can anyone please give me an example or a link where i can read more about how to use this.

    Thank u


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