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RhinoScript – rhinoscript textobject properties


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  • 3. pool338 (Jul 18, 2011 15.23):

    Does Rhino.AddText produce a 3DObject? I need to put the generated Text on a surface of an 3DModel.

  • 2. Johannes (Jul 18, 2011 15.16):


    try the following code:

    Call Rhino.AddText (strText, arrPoint [, dblHeight [, strFont [, intStyle]]])

    you can find informations about it in the RhinoScript help (help, plugins, script) if you take a look on AddText .


  • 1. pool338 (Jul 18, 2011 13.29):

    Hello everyone,
    im trying to create textobjects with rhinoscript, but have some problems in changing size, orientation...

    What im doing is:

    Rhino.Command ("-_TextObject text Height=5 1,1,1 _Enter")

    Can anyone give me a hint how i can set the size and orientation of the generated textobject?



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