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RhinoScript – Trim by cicle and delete in the same time


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  • 20. Arrow.111 (Aug 16, 2011 03.00):

    Dear Mr. Sidel,
    we have good news with Mr.Hovsepyqn:)
    See this new script video
    Now last script doing its job by layers select

  • 19. ledisnomad (Aug 11, 2011 19.43):

    I understand, the user (you) has to select the location of the circle to create the gap and it may not be equally spaced along the curve. OK, well then forget this:

    If I have more time, I'll see if I can add the functionality you are requesting. Although I'm not sure it adds much efficiency than drawing a circle and copying it. I'll think about it.

    In the mean time and just for fun, try out the Grasshopper definition I did that allows you to dynamically place the circles and control their size.

  • 18. Arrow.111 (Aug 11, 2011 19.00):

    Dear Mr.Sidel, Mr. Hovsepyan
    I can say in such cercomstances only "Wow" guys:)
    Thanks a lot guys!
    reagarding your the strategy proposal below.
    < if it simply asked the user how many circles to place along the curve?>
    Unfortunatly I shoud say no, because only me who can decide where holes etc has to be in the plane wings etc curve straucture
    Script has to offer a choice of diameter of the circle, and then after entering the correct size I am hitting enter.. After that script must put circle on the transfer function to curves. I must click on the curve. In those places where there was a mouse click should appear a circle, and at the very end when the finished putting circles on the curves I have to hit enter and all that was under the circle must be deleted with the circles.

    sorry for my english
    thanks in advance for further assistance and help


  • 17. aramh (Aug 11, 2011 17.49):

    Hi Robert.

    here you can find more simple solution for your job. As I see you are interested in RC modeling. It is pleasure to help you as I also have some hobby.

    B. Regards,

  • 16. ledisnomad (Aug 11, 2011 17.41):

    Hey, Rob.

    Apology accepted and I retract my statements. I interpreted your choice of words as sarcasm and I see now that that was an incorrect interpretation.

    On to better things...

    What you ask for is possible. Would it be better if it simply asked the user how many circles to place along the curve? Or maybe it could ask for a distance between circles along the curve? Then the user wouldn't have to keep hitting enter, the script would just subdivide the curve appropriately.

    What do you think?

  • 15. Arrow.111 (Aug 11, 2011 09.35):

    Dear Mr.Sidel
    Take my deep apology I did not notice >0.501mm restriction for cycle diameter.
    Script working correct! I am impressed! Thanks a lot!

    P.S. is it possible to create script based on 2 point of explained problem below?

  • 14. Arrow.111 (Aug 11, 2011 07.30):

    Dear Mr.Sidel
    if it is not possible to implement such script tell me to stop searching ways

    Thank you


  • 13. Arrow.111 (Aug 11, 2011 07.00):

    Dear Mr.

    I had try script and it has 2 problems
    1. After selection curve and cycle trimmed small segment did not deleted
    2. It will be perfect if script will ask to generate cycle from the beginning of the script
    "Enter cycle diameter=?"
    then it shall propose to user to put the generated cycle with the relevant entered diameter to the curve multiple times until user will not hit the enter at the end of process.
    "Set the cycle to the curve and push the enter at the end of all process="
    After the last enter explained above script shall trim the curve and delete small particles of selected curve and all cycles.
    Shall I expect help from your side?
    Thanks in advanced if so and I'm sorry if I offended your pride, do not like to do so, honestly!

  • 12. Arrow.111 (Aug 11, 2011 06.11):

    Dear Mr.Sidel
    For my part, was not any sarcasm, I was overwhelmed by your long silence after second message and indifference so it seemed to me that you giving me empty promises and do not going to help me absolutely even though you call volunteered to help me. When I making my call to help the person I'm starting to communicate with them actively to show that I am interested to help. Thanks for the script and for your time. I'll try it

    sorry for my english

  • 11. ledisnomad (Aug 10, 2011 17.10):

    Despite your remarks, I have finished the script and posted here:

  • 10. ledisnomad (Aug 10, 2011 14.24):

    Rob, I don't appreciate sarcasm. I had, in fact, worked on your problem and yes, I did get busy again. I offered to do you a favor... it's not like you're paying me and you didn't even suggest a time frame. All that aside, here is what I have so far:

    Option Explicit
    'Script written by Damon Sidel
    'Script copyrighted by Damon Sidel
    'Script version Wednesday, July 30, 2011

    Call TrimDelete()
    Sub TrimDelete()

            Dim strCrv : strCrv = Rhino.GetObject("Select curve to split",4)
            If IsNull(strCrv) Then Exit Sub
            Dim arrCircles : arrCircles = Rhino.GetObjects("Select circles",4)
            If IsNull(strCrv) Then Exit Sub
            Dim intMin : intMin = 0.501

            Dim i, j, arrCCX, arrParams, arrSplitCrvs, intLength
            For i=0 To UBound(arrCircles)

                    arrCCX = Rhino.CurveCurveIntersection(strCrv, arrCircles(i))
                    If Not IsArray(arrCCX) Then
                            Rhino.Print "Selected curves do not intersect."
                    End If

                    arrParams = Array(arrCCX(0,5),arrCCX(1,5))
                    arrSplitCrvs = Rhino.SplitCurve(strCrv,arrParams)
                    For j=0 To UBound(arrSplitCrvs)
                            intLength = Rhino.CurveLength(arrSplitCrvs(j))
                            If (intLength <= intMin) Then Rhino.DeleteObject(arrSplitCrvs(j))
    End Sub

    It breaks after doing one split and delete operation, but I hadn't spent much time on trying to debug it, just get the basic flow done. I'm not inclined to finish it after your snide remarks...

  • 9. Arrow.111 (Aug 10, 2011 11.49):

    Hi ledisnomad,
    guess you are very busy and again forget about mentioned below script.
    thanks for empty promises...
    have a nice time...

  • 8. Arrow.111 (Jul 28, 2011 06.47):

    Hi ledisnomad,
    Yes there is need to have it.
    Please contact me to my skype
    Thanks in advance for help


  • 7. ledisnomad (Jul 27, 2011 19.02):

    hi, arrow.111

    Sorry for the long absence. Do you still have a need for this script? If so, I could probably work on it this week. What do you think?

  • 6. Arrow.111 (Jul 24, 2011 21.52):

    Hi dear ledisnomad,
    do you any time to help?

  • 5. Arrow.111 (Jul 14, 2011 08.00):

    Hi dear ledisnomad, thanks a lot , I'll wait Sir.
    Please,contact me by my skype for some tech details - arrow.111

    Thanks in advance for help Sir!


  • 4. ledisnomad (Jul 13, 2011 21.21):

    Hi, Rob. I would be willing to help you, but I can't do it until next week. So if you can wait, let me know.

  • 3. Arrow.111 (Jul 12, 2011 23.15):

    Dear Johannes hi,

    are you able to suggest the person who can do such script, Sir? I am not able to do that, sorry:( Please help me.

  • 2. Johannes (Jul 12, 2011 08.56):

    hi, that's a good task for scripting.
    i suggest to save both identifiers in different arrays, split them and take a look on the result. if the length of a curve is smaller then "0.5" .... delete it.
    you need to run 2 loops...


  • 1. Arrow.111 (Jul 12, 2011 02.36):

    Hi people,
    I need script to trim and delete in the same time by 0.5mm cicle. see the video
    Is there anybody how can help me with it?

    Thanks in advance for help!


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