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RhinoScript – Named objects (no user input)


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  • 2. ledisnomad (Jun 28, 2011 15.14):

    Hi, sulljoh1.

    The "command" method often makes things more difficult than you want. I'd stay away from it as much as possible.

    You could use something like this instead:

    arrObjs = Rhino.PrevSelectedObjects()

    which will give you an array of object IDs for all previously selected objects.

    (Even though I use Rhinoscript quite a bit, I didn't know this method existed, I just searched the term selected in the Monkey editor and found this. It's a good way to learn what commands are available.)

  • 1. sulljoh1 (Jun 28, 2011 05.15):

    I am still new to this language, so I am sorry if this is a common question. How do you name or find the ID of an object without user input for later use.? For example after selecting a previous object. rhino.command("_SelPrev")


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