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RhinoScript – mass rename script


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  • 3. patro (Jun 12, 2011 19.26):

    awesome, thank you!!!

    please could you try to give a look to my other request topic?
    the pivot-gumball
    both scripts are needed for the same goal.
    anyway thank you for your help.

  • 2. Johannes (Jun 12, 2011 19.14):

    take a look on the following function in rhino script help:

    Rhino.ObjectName (strObject [, strName])

    or take that code:

            'Dim allOb      : allOb         = Rhino.AllObjects()
            Dim allOb       : allOb         = Rhino.GetObjects("pick objects")
            Dim strName     : strName       = "MyObject"
            Dim i
            For i = 0 To Ubound(allOb)
                    Call Rhino.ObjectName(allOb(i), strName & "_" & i)


  • 1. patro (Jun 12, 2011 18.30):

    hello all,

    is there a way to write a mass rename script for rhino.

    if you look in the properties pane... there is an empty space for the object name.
    if you give a custom name to an object and then create an array of it... all copy have the same name :(

    well is there a script, or how to write a script that can rename all obj... by a base custom name + a numeric sequence?



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