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RhinoScript – Rhino for designing packaging


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  • 2. Hanno (Oct 13, 2008 13.38):


    we actually had a project where we worked with unfolding and creating cutting templates. But everyone designed their own geometric module and unfolding script (most of us actually did a complete redraw in 2d based on the specific geometry). So we have no unfolding script... you can see a slideshow of the project at

    There is also a book:[...]


  • 1. chungdha (Oct 09, 2008 22.46):

    Hey I was at Kassel before the summerbreak and met you guys, I was pretty curious about if you can also make a script for designing packages. Like I make a total 3d cardboard box and it automaticly fold out into a template, instead of that I have to make a template adn then make it into a 3d.

    I am using ArtiosCad for packaging now and it is 2d first then 3d and I would rather have the other way around.

    I am also curious if it can also handle curved folds which is lately being used more and more in packaging. The program which I am using now can't handle curve or odd lines so if it is possible would be great in you look into this.

    Kind regard,
    Chung Dha


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