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RhinoScript – Scripting


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  • 2. ledisnomad (May 24, 2011 22.58):

    Hi, iDavid.

    Glad to know you're getting into scripting. I use it all the time to speed up repetitive tasks (and less frequently as the primary mode of a project). Have you found the RhinoScript101 pdf? You can get it from the Rhino3d website at

    Specifically, p.101-108 deals with deforming NURBS surfaces. I started with this primer and I still refer to it occasionally. Very good resource.

  • 1. iDavid (May 24, 2011 22.48):

    Hello Forum,

    I am a jonior architecture student from Germany. And I have some knowledge of Rhino and grasshopper but still havnt explored the wonderfull world of scripting.
    For a specific design task I have to make a "Grid distortion" (as seen in the attached image).

    I would appreciate it very much if someone could tell me where/how to start.

    Thanks in advance



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