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RhinoScript – Closest pt on srf *vertically*


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  • 3. ledisnomad (May 11, 2011 15.06):

    Thanks, Johannes. That worked just fine. This my attempt to create a way to add trees on a topographic site for architectural models.

  • 2. Johannes (May 10, 2011 20.10):

    hi, i do not really know what you want to achieve... but my suggestion is to measure the distance of each point to the surface in z-direction (add a line and make an intersection point).


  • 1. ledisnomad (May 10, 2011 19.52):

    How would I find the closest point on a surface along the z-axis? I'm populating a surface with trees, so I'm creating a randomized grid above the surface, then I'd like to drop them vertically onto the surface.

    SurfaceClosestPoint doesn't work, because if the surface is steep, the closest point is not directly below the tree.

    Thoughts and ideas?


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