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RhinoScript – Spot Grade script?


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  • 1. dgregory (Apr 20, 2011 06.53):

    Hello all -

    Trying to find/make a script or .ghx for making spot grade text objects (not dots! hate those...). Outline:

    [place point
    on surface

    [select single point / multiple points]


    place text alongside point (offset x,y)
    text value = z elevation
    text orientation (default: world top)
    [could follow viewport as in 20101014_rvb_86_dynamic_display_texts_relative_to_view___bake_it_v1.ghx but that crashes me]

    This must be out there already but I can't find it (too newbie to write it myself yet, at least without suggestions...) It would be useful for landscape architects, among others...wall and paving elevations, swale high/low points, well as just knowing more precisely what height things were relative to each other.

    another wish would be option to include X&Y; so you could output all three...

    Any suggestions appreciated; I'll be muddling through best I can if anyone else is interested...




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