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RhinoScript – RhinoScript slow?


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  • 3. Palloquin (Apr 11, 2011 11.17):

    Hi Hanno,
    Thanks for your reply!
    Is there anyway to have multiple instances running at the same time? I expect that my project might have hundred of users on the site at the same time. maybe 10 at the same time requesting a file that needs to be scripted in Rhino. So if I could only have one instance running, everyone would have to wait...


  • 2. Hanno (Apr 11, 2011 11.12):


    the usual use case for RhinoScript is to use it as scripting engine within Rhino.
    What you are doing takes time because you are firing up a new instance of Rhino everytime you run your script.
    If you need your script to run in an external environment and access Rhino via COM, you could try to use a persistent Rhino instance that is started once and then kept alive.



  • 1. Palloquin (Apr 10, 2011 12.13):

    I'm very new to RhinoScript. I'm looking to use it as the scripting engine to dynamically create 3d models to be viewed online. The creation process will be quite simple, and I expect fast.

    The first issue I run in to while testing RhinoScript is that it seems very slow in starting...

    Just running this code:

    Dim start
    start = Timer
    Dim objRhino As Rhino4.Application
    Set objRhino = CreateObject("Rhino4.Application")
    MsgBox ("Rhino ready: " & Timer - start)

    takes about 8-10 seconds... That will be way to much for our desired user experience... any thoughts on this?


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