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RhinoScript – Control Point Translation


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  • 6. ANTONIO (Sep 26, 2011 22.49):

    hello all, someone could tell me how to write a script that will automatically find the axis of the two cylinders (the tail cone) of a file as the one attached. Basically j would like that as a result of touch with the mouse was designed for each individual cylinder axis of the cylinder (or drawn on the original geometric figure). Thanks in advance for any help.

  • 5. mmakki (Apr 06, 2011 00.26):

    perfect !

    thanx again hanno :)

  • 4. Hanno (Apr 05, 2011 13.33):

    For Surfaces, try AddSrfPtGrid or AddSrfControlPtGrid. A simple AddMesh should give you a mesh through your points, but here you need to calculate your face vertices first.


  • 3. mmakki (Apr 05, 2011 13.27):

    Thanx Hanno,

    This probably isnt the right forum for my next question, but its on the same topic... once i retrieve the points, and move them... what method can i use to create a mesh/nurbs from point... i tried mesh from points command but instead of creating a surface that is exactly based on the points, it just estimates a mesh that kind of goes through all the points rather than connect them with one another... do you know a way around this?

  • 2. Hanno (Apr 05, 2011 13.13):


    there is no way to edit control points of a curve/surface in RhinoScript. You can retrieve the points with CurvePoints or Rhino.SurfacePoints, change your points and create a new object.



  • 1. mmakki (Apr 04, 2011 10.10):


    I have been working on this for a while, and im sure that theres a simple to solution to what im trying to do.

    I want to manipulate the control point of a mesh (or nurbs).

    If i start with a flat mesh plane, i want to select its contol points, move them, and so consequently have the entire mesh move with it.

    im trying to upload more than one image, but for some reason i can only upload one. So ill upload the final result.. In this case i started with a flat mesh plane, and moved the control points in the Z-Axis only. I can do this with points, but not with control points.. can someone help?


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